Monday, August 22, 2011

sang sayur

look what i made :

this is a garlic plushie, ordered by Sherly. so cute right? this garlic is a character from Sang Sayur comic.

have you heard about Sang Sayur? its the title of a comic made by Sherly, one of a few talented Indonesian comic artist.
I'm not really into comic or manga (last time i read it was Conan or Kungfu Boy when i was in college haha) but I think Sang Sayur offers something different from others. it contains local content but still manage to be highly appreciated by global audience. Sang Sayur is the only Indonesian manga who was nominated for International Manga Award in 2007. Furthermore, recently The US Library of Congress (the oldest federal cultural institution in the United States which also the largest library in the world) has invite Sang Sayur to be their collection. what an honour..

no more talk. just read. and if you want to have it, you can buy it here. Let's support our local product!!


  1. terima kasih banyak dukungannya Maelady d^___^b

  2. waaa.. ini yg dapet penghargaan di Jepang yaa, bagus ^^d