Sunday, May 29, 2011

new plushie and cushion

finally i took pics of my cushions. actually these cushions were ready months ago. some of them are sold. but please forgive my laziness (blame my heavy camera!), i just had a chance to took their photos yesterday.

made of cotton, they come in 40x40 cm size. visit my shop to read the details.

oh and perhaps if you havent met my Big Maneki Neko, please say hi ^^

She (or he?) is available too! Look here for more info.

Friday, May 27, 2011

wallpaper for free

for those of you who want uncomplicated wallpaper, simpledesktops offers free wallpapers in many colors. here are some of my favorites:

i'm using the bad witch now :)

tea, anyone?

i love tea. specially if its served by this robot!

i want one!

samurai umbrella

its rainy outside and i just realize something : men are usually not into umbrella. they prefer to protect themself by jacket, hat, or even just wait under the closest building and wait until the rain stops. am i right?? maybe they thought umbrella is too girly..

but not until they see this:

hahaha.. my hubby will definitely looking forward to rainy days!

Saturday, May 21, 2011


maelady will participate in INORI, on this sunday may22th.
i'll be allied with 5 other talented crafters and unite under KUNIKUNIK label.
located @ sman 3 jalan belitung bandung (hey my old school!).
start from 8.30 am - 6 pm. see you there ^^

Monday, May 16, 2011

Crafty Days #5 Tobucil

oh my oh my, Crafty Days are lovely days :)

Finally i had a chance to meet those talented crafters.
to my surprise, some of my old friends are people behind the brands i'm familiar with! (hmm.. i should get out from my house and hang out more often).
Met these wonderful people in person and shared our passion, experiences and secret info are huge points for me. it encouraged me to keep doing what i love. specially when they love my works and bought it :p. Ah, priceless.

here are some photos i took using my phone. blame my forgetful brain, i didnt bring my camera! so im sorry if these pics are a little bit blurry... :(.

MaeLady big family. say hi ^^

My left neighbour was Dessy. she made crochetted toys, packaged in cute plastic bottles. i'm not really into knit/crochet but her works amazed me with high standard of details and patience. you can see more of her amigurumi here. be ready to get wowed.

the other neighbour were arum and her funny mom from pyur handmade. what i admire from arum's painted wood is (again) in the details. they look like ordinary piece of pin/keychain at first. but if you look closely, they were each painted by hand, very very very neat, flawless and they came in very small pieces. it really needed steady hand and high doses of patience. one thing that i'm lack of :p.

and this is mia, me and arum with her ear pompom! hahaha she is so hillarious and full of energy! i think she gets that from her mom :p

there were 16 tables, full of amazing, marvellous, handmade products by selected crafters. it kind of remind me to rose sunday market in melbourne. but Crafty Day is better cos all items are sold in rupiahs instead of dollars, which is way more suitable for my pocket hahaha..

and look what i got from crafty day :

you know i cant resist whimsy pattern on a fabric, and this cute pouch from nesofojanto was calling me... so i bought one :D . i always have a dream to make my own fabric with my design printed on it. seems like ojanto did it first :p

and this is something you must try before you die. this organic orange jam with jasmine scent made by mei from oma anna. usually i dont like jam but this one is so fresh, not too sweet and chewy since it has many orange peels in it . you can feel the juice comes out when you bite it.

last but not least, thank you so much and happy birthday to tobucil who made all this happen. keep up the good work :)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

birthday wishlist

i love may. its my birthmonth and warm in almost everywhere in the world.
as to celebrate the joy of may, i present you my birthday wishlist *ga nyambung*

i always want to have a mini photo studio to get great pics from things i like. one of my biggest problems is light. the best sunlight is blocked by my cupboard. i'm hardly find great light with other lamps. hope this DIY lighting system can help!

this compact machine can do sewing, embroidery and quilting as well! and it has an LCD on it! since my little machine broke lately T_T, i have to go back to my old and uncontrollable one (sometime it runs so fast and wrecks my sew)... oh please would someone be my fairy and give this for my birthday?

actually i dont really need this but who would refuse an ipad as a birthday gift? :D

but most of all, i wish for happiness and stay healthy. it counts for you too ^^