Tuesday, August 16, 2011

art swap

look at these cute little pillows! sooo adorable!

i did an art swap with nurul. i gave her my little cat and i'm so thankful for what she made for me.
really love her drawings. unique hand stroke, whimsy, yet it has a bit of gothic feel but still sweet.
and i worship her more for making it into emboidery. look at those little stiches!

thanks a lot nuchan ^^


  1. ini lucu menggemaskan!! ^_^ dijual kah?

  2. iya lucu yaa? bantal2 kecil itu dari nurul. ada beberapa yg dijual. coba aja cek fbnya http://facebook.com/nuchanputri. good luck ^^

  3. waahh terimakasii infonya ;) hihi segera meluncur

  4. OMGGGGG ini lucu bangeeeet XD XD!!!