Thursday, April 28, 2011

coming soon ... crafty days!

mark your calendar, Crafty Day by Tobucil is just 2 weeks away!
it will be held at Tobucil, of course, Jl. Aceh 56 Bandung on Saturday-Sunday May 14&15.
and yes, this year Maelady will participate with other crafters. They're fantastic, talented, amazing crafters and it kinda make me feel minder and proud at the same time :p.

I'll add a few nice and pretty products you havent seen. i think youll gonna love them *promosi*.
See you there and be ready to shop ;)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

himade no matsuri

sniff.. sniff.. everytime i sleep late my nose gets runny. but now that's the least thing i care coz yesterday was full of joy. i opened a booth on Himade No Matsuri (eee is that the right name for the festival? sorry if i wrote it wrong :p) @ Unpad Jatinangor. sorry i didnt have time to share it here before. was too busy to restock my plushies : printing, sewing, filling...

... ayo diabsen siapa yg belum masuk?

and finally i managed to meet these lovely girls from other booths: ima, arum and mia. hope the plan will done soon ^^

although the crowd wasnt as huge as last year but still it was fun. if someone ask me to do it again next year, i'll say yes!

uh oh i need to make a better display..

this is B, wearing patapon mask made by his friend. thanks a lot for all your support :)

and this is me with the other mask. i cant see anything, literally! there's no eye hole on that mask hahaha

aaaaah, so sweet ^^. have a great day everyone ^^

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

dolls project

finally its revealed...
my friend Vonny asked me to make soft toy for her exhibition.
she made the concepts, drew their figures and i did mine: making the dolls.
you can see them in person at Portico Cafe, Senayan City Jakarta.
or visit her blog here to read her thoughts behind her works.