Sunday, May 29, 2011

new plushie and cushion

finally i took pics of my cushions. actually these cushions were ready months ago. some of them are sold. but please forgive my laziness (blame my heavy camera!), i just had a chance to took their photos yesterday.

made of cotton, they come in 40x40 cm size. visit my shop to read the details.

oh and perhaps if you havent met my Big Maneki Neko, please say hi ^^

She (or he?) is available too! Look here for more info.


  1. kereen... bagus-bagus karyanya.. :)

  2. makasi ^^ btw karya2mu juga bagus2 :)

  3. wah ko notificationnya ga masuk ya, jadi baru ketauan deh bang moel mampir kesini. mangga lebet a :)