Thursday, May 5, 2011

birthday wishlist

i love may. its my birthmonth and warm in almost everywhere in the world.
as to celebrate the joy of may, i present you my birthday wishlist *ga nyambung*

i always want to have a mini photo studio to get great pics from things i like. one of my biggest problems is light. the best sunlight is blocked by my cupboard. i'm hardly find great light with other lamps. hope this DIY lighting system can help!

this compact machine can do sewing, embroidery and quilting as well! and it has an LCD on it! since my little machine broke lately T_T, i have to go back to my old and uncontrollable one (sometime it runs so fast and wrecks my sew)... oh please would someone be my fairy and give this for my birthday?

actually i dont really need this but who would refuse an ipad as a birthday gift? :D

but most of all, i wish for happiness and stay healthy. it counts for you too ^^

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